Artisan Crafted Timelessness!

Artisan Crafted Timelessness!


2018 will  definitely be trending  anything hand crafted and artisanal inspired.  True craftsmanship is transcending borders and bringing the artist its well deserved attention Globally.   Accenting your home for instance with locally crafted  hand blown glass or Laguna Candles Hand Poured Candles will only enhance it’s decor!

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Why Buy Local! 5 Good Reasons!

What an honor it is to be featured in the March issue of Orange Coast Magazine. There are times when I feel that our family owned local business Laguna Candles is not seen by the many. When we received that call from Astgik Khatchatryan from Orange Coast Magazine, we were honored. Take a look at Laguna Candles Featured Article and get to know our story.

Now let’s address the Benefits Of Buying Local!

Why should I buy Local you might ask? Here are five good reasons:

1. It helps create jobs:  One of the reasons why I hire local artisans to make our Heirloom Artisan Candles is simply because I sincerely want to do my part to support local artist in my community here in Laguna beach. Small Local business are the largest employers nationally and within our community.

Label Candles for businesses California.

2. You get get better as well as personable service:  Here at Laguna Candles we stand behind our product 100%. If you are not happy return it! Local business often hire people with a better understanding of their product.

3.It reduces Environmental Impact: Locally owned business can make more local purchases requiring less transportation. Which ultimately contributes to less congestion and pollution.

4. It allows you to invest in your community: Local businesses are owned by people who live in the community! We have lived in our community, for 20 years  and owned our Laguna Beach Business Laguna Candles, since 2003! Local businesses are less likely to leave and more invested in the community’s future. We have so created many Private

5. It gives the local business the opportunity  to support themselves and the community: Several studies have shown that when you buy from an independent, locally owned business, rather than a nationally owned businesses, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses, service providers and farms — continuing to strengthen the economic base of the community. I hope you have a willingness to get to know our brand, and I would love to get to know and support yours!

Go to our websites:  and






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Five Reasons Why we Believe in the Power Of Private Labeling!

  1. Private Label branding Promotes a strong marketing message unique to you brand.
  2. Private Label Candles Promotes Customer Recognition.
  3. Private Labeling gives you more control over Pricing, Marketing, Sales and Distribution
  4.  One of the greatest attributes of private labels is that you inherently have an exclusive right to sell the products. If you market the Private Label Candle brand well and create demand for it.  This contributes to your ability to charge premium prices.
  5.  With the right quantity  you could operate as a wholesaler of your brand and offer limited access to other retailers who pay you premium acquisition costs for the right to carry your Private Label Candles This not only generates more income, but it also spreads the exposure of your brand even further. A relationship with a high volume re-seller can lead to more customers buying your Private label Candles.

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Creating close business relationships with your vendors, clients and employees is a vital and necessary part of success. It’s also one of the toughest challenges any small and big business encounters on its journey to the top.

There are many ways to create good rapport with people, but the easiest is sending out a small gift that lets them know you’re constantly thinking of them. It’s a small gesture that everyone appreciates and fosters the goodwill to create a beneficial and long-lasting business relationship with everyone involved.

The tricky part of gift-giving is selecting a suitable corporate gift that leaves your workmates and clients in complete awe. With the organization’s code of ethics, the value of the gift, and the thoughtfulness behind it to consider, this is a difficult task that requires a lot of care and attention.

A gift that always leaves a lasting impression is a luxury candle, like our Laguna Candles Heirloom Artisan Candles. The vessel alone is a luxurious piece of art that bears the mark of the artist as a testament of their true heirloom quality. The handmade piece is available in several different colours, ranging from fiery red to pure white and oceanic blue, which allows you to further customize your gift to the receiver’s taste.


Your business partners and clients who have a more minimalistic aesthetic will appreciate the Contemporary Artisan Heirloom Candle, a new take on the classic Artisan Heirloom Candle. Available in blue or gold, these vessels are hand-crafted by our very own master glass blower, a personal touch that makes every piece that little more special and unique.

The vivid colors of these candles and the delicacy of the artisanal work speaks directly to the human desire for everlasting beauty, while the scent housed inside will pleasure the olfactory sense of the receivers and make their home smell cozy and warm.

We’ve chosen to fill these precious vessels with Laguna Paradise, the most popular fragrance from our Coastal Collection. Laguna Paradise is a deliciously sweet citrusy scent that evokes pleasant memories of carefree holidays with friends and loved ones, an association that will be carried over to your brand every time your clients and vendors light it and smell its fragrant aroma.

Like all our candles, Laguna Paradise is made with a proprietary blend of soy wax, the best natural extracts and essential oils and unbleached cotton wicks, so it makes the perfect gift even for those clients and vendors who are very environmentally conscious or have chosen to pursue a vegan lifestyle.

Our Heirloom Candles can be purchased at


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For a candle lover, fall is the best time of the year. With the weather starting to cool off, there is nothing better than filling your house with the comforting scents of the season at the strike of a match. The pungent aroma of spices, the warmth of cashmere, the smoothness of amber and the earthiness of iris will take your home life to the next olfactory level and create the perfect haven for cozy retreats with family and friends:

Spices: The Essence Of Fall

It just wouldn’t be fall without the warm and pungent scent of spices. Cinnamon, clove buds, and Canadian fir tree are scents synonymous with the chilly season that are guaranteed to make your home smell like fall. In our Gilded Spices Candle, they’re introduced by a zesty citrusy accord that eventually vanishes into an intense base of golden pomander and warm musk. It’s the perfect way to kick start the season on the right foot.

Iris: Ephemeral Earthiness

One of the most interesting perfume ingredients, iris is anything but ordinary. Rooty and airy, light and earthy, iris has a tender floral aroma that never crosses into full flowery territory. Iris tames the intensity of warm and creamy woods, such as French cade wood, and adds creaminess and smoothness to the sharper aroma of lavender. Blended together in our Spa Iris Candle, these notes create the perfect cozy atmosphere for a relaxing fall afternoon.

Cashmere: A Warm Embrace

Fall calls for the soft and inviting embrace of a luxurious cashmere sweater to keep you warm during those crisp short days and chilly longer nights. Our Golden Teakwood is a like a creamy cashmere sweater but in candle form. Its warm heart of soft cashmere, golden amber and Spanish sage is both soft and comforting and leads to the sensual embrace of the smooth musky vanilla base. Its sparkling citrusy opening is a delightful surprise for the nose too.

Apple & Red Currents: A Delicious Medley

‘Tis the season to pick apples and red currents and turn them into delicious homemade pies. We’ve added a twist to the recipe and used their mouthwatering crispness to introduce a succulent blend of agave and water lily that eventually melts into a sensual accord of blonde woods enriched by the warmth of musk and the earthiness of oakmoss. The Succulent Agave And Oakmoss candle is just guaranteed to make you fall in love with the season all over again.

Ocean Air: The Perfect Transitional Scent

Not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet? Our Beach Driftwood candle is just the right scent you need to make a smooth transition from carefree summer to chilly autumn. It hits all the warm and cozy notes, from earthy green leaves to heady jasmine and dry exotic woods, but spices them up with a spritz of salty ocean air to take you back to those lazy days spent relaxing at the beach. The best of both worlds.

All these comforting fall scents are available through our private label programme. If you dig any of them and would like to offer them to your customers, get in touch.

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Benefits of the Lemon Fragrance

The versatility of Lemon is no doubt amazing! A product that can be used as a beauty treatment, cleaning agent and lets not forget the aromatherapy values of lemon.

One of my favorite things about the lemon is the scent.  Laguna Candles signature scent is ” Laguna Paradise.” It is our number one selling  soy blend scented candle.  It is comprised of  lemon, citrus lime and verbena. Our Private Label Candles  has this amazing fragrance.
People often overlook the importance of fragrances for the fullness of experience. That mistake can be fixed by letting the scent of Laguna Paradise  fulfill your personal space.

Family of products Group rv2 IMG_7272


Laguna  Candles offers a wide variety of memorable aromas to tell the story about the infinite beauty of our planet. Our Private Label Candles are made of domestically grown sustainable soybeans, Laguna  Candles ensures the cleanest possible burning, while providing room-filling, yet not overpowering flavor.

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Enjoy your gathering with a nice Scent!

A nice fragrance through out your event can be both pleasant and inviting. A subtle candle scent not only enhances the ambiance but leaves a lasting memory of your brand and hospitality. Private Label candles are a perfect way to do that.


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Laguna Candles newest Spa Collection Candles makes the perfect compliment to your event!

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