Four Reasons To Bring a Hostess Gift

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A gift for your Host or Hostess is  a great    way of showing your appreciation for  their   hospitality.  Although some might feel that bringing a Hostess gift is some what out dated, here are a few reasons why we might feel differently.

1. It acknowledges the consideration shown by your Host to invite you.

2. It shows your gratitude for the time and effort extended by your Host.

3. It’s Polite.

4. Its a way of thanking them for their hospitality.

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Luxury Scents with Intent!

IMG_20141005_185825_resizedUnlike some other aromatic woods, sandalwood (a class of fragrant woods from trees in the genus Santalum) keeps its rich, sweet and warm scent for decades.  Sandalwood oil serves as the base note that both enhances them and helps them last longer. As a harmonizing agent, it brings together other aromas, without overpowering them. All these qualities make sandalwood oil one of the most valuable ingredients of the high-end natural fragrance products.

Speaking about luxury scented candles, sandalwood appears as one of the most refined fragrances, capable to make a divine atmosphere in your personal space. According to some of the traditions of the East, its sensual flavor calms and focuses the mind and relieves anxiety, which makes it perfect  for the quick recovery from a hard day. Besides, it can can nicely complement a romantic evenings, by relieving tension and mental blocks.

Here at Laguna Candles  we can private label our 11oz. or 14oz. standard candle and make a memorable  statement for your brand.  With our generous 13% fragrance load customers will be  instantly enveloped in the memory of your brand and they will never forget you.

Our proprietary blend of natural waxes, essential oils and cotton wicks create a clean  burning candle with an exceptional scent throw. Each luxury scented candle will elevate your senses.

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Scented Candles, Why?

20140929_183122_resizedScented candles make great hostess gifts. You know what happens when you are invited to a friend’s home for dinner? Why not take an unexpected gift. With scented candles, you don’t have to worry. If anyone surprises you with a gift, you have something lovely to give in return. Extra scented candles are a great way to treat yourself after the holidays.
Scented candles are great for decorating your home. If you want to make your home light up, smell great, and look great, beautiful scented candles are a wonderful option. You can group them together as a centerpiece.
Laguna Candle’s Scented candles are great for hard-to-shop for people. You know the ones: you can’t think of a thing to get them. Scented candles are wonderful because everyone loves them: teens love scented candles, men love them, women love them, and couples love them. When you don’t know what to get, buy scented candles. They’re always sure to please.
Scented candles are great year round, during the Summer, Citrus scents like our signature scent Laguna Paradise as well as Coastal scents. During the Fall and Winter, the cozy comfort of a Woodsy, Spicy and Pumpkin fragrance adds to the ambiance of your home. Nothing over powering, but a nice clean relaxing fragrance throughout.

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Benefits of Private Label Candles

Laguna Candle’s  private label program creates greater awareness for your business with our proprietary blend of all natural scented soy wax candles.

What better way to say “Thank you” or extend the reach of your brand and make your business unforgettable than with a custom, private labeled candle of your own. Perfect Candle for Hotels, Spas, a boutique, bed & breakfast, hotel, spa, hair salon, clothing store, restaurant, or coffee house or any business.

Scent is the most powerful way to connect on emotional and memorable levels with your customers. We have used scents in our home for many years, and have created many custom scents for our clients.
Greeting your guest with your own unique fragrance creates a lasting impression of feeling and welcome a sense of relaxation from their everyday stresses.

Private label candles for hotels and spasTangerine bow package & flora 4796 promote brand identity, and provide the guest with a constantly similar experience as they visit your hotel spa, or resort. This encourages them to come back for repeat visits and improve the frequent travelers relationship with your brand.
The benefit of a Private Label Candle Program keeps their products unique and distinct. Your loyal customers continue to come back for more of their “Signature Fragrance. “

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have that evokes memory. Call us today to start creating memories of your business.
If you are a discerning business owner looking for a way to extend the reach of your business’s brand then Laguna Candles private label candles are a proven product that will help you do just that. Laguna Candles collections of luxurious scented candles are made from the very best ingredients, including our own proprietary soy wax blend combined with our custom fragrances.
When you buy private label candles from the Laguna Candles collection you are assured that you’re buying the very best in high quality, luxury candles. All of our candles are what we consider “Eco-smart”. They burn clean, have cotton wicks and are gently and artistically handmade and infused with our custom fragrance.
Complete with your logo/artwork on the label our private labeled candles will leave a lasting impression on your customer. And they will not leave any undesirable residue in the environment.
It’s a proven fact that scent is the most powerful of all our senses; remember the smells from your mother’s kitchen. We private label our candles for many high-end hotels, resorts, spas and retailers. Choose from Laguna Candles extensive library of scents and choose one that will become your signature scent and create lasting memories of your business that your customers won’t soon forget.
Our private label collection of candles includes the following:
For the best selection in eco-smart, luxury, scented candles visit today!

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Scents that make you Happy!

Laguna Candles Heirloom Candle rv1Most of us go through life, overlooking the importance of little things which are all around us, while desperately waiting for something big and significant to happen. The truth is that those seemingly little things, if we recognize them can make a huge difference in how we perceive life. A flower in your office, alluring scented candle in your room, a loving pet, a beautiful picture or a meaningful quote attached to the wall right above your computer. Each of them can seriously increase the quality of our being.
One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to take a scented candle and my favorite perfume to enjoy during my stay. While reading and relaxing,  my hotel room becomes my home.
We have a choice to surround ourselves with small reminders to help us to relieve stressful situations and bring peace to our lives. I find that fragrance does that for me.
During everyday activities, we often get lost in doing, thinking, analyzing, projecting, remembering… Most of these processes are problematic and stressful, or more precisely, we are those who make problems of them. This is why it is necessary taking as many breaks as it is possible, in order to retain strength and inner peace. The good news is that you do not need special conditions to get the quick rest from problems. You just need something to divert your attention from them, for a plant or a flower on your worktable. Whenever we bring the attention to anything natural, we become more aware of the present moment, our minds stop working for a while, and we become relaxed .
Refresh your inner space with a room spray or a scented candle. The sense of smell is by far the strongest of our senses. It can detect thousands of different fragrances which forever stay in wrought in man’s memory. Natural scents are capable to calm a mind, relax a body and uplift the energy. Laguna High-end scented candles, can be great substitutes in case you do not have a garden or a park near the house. They can fulfill your personal space with the most refined aromatic blends which, depending on your preferences, can be based on floral, herbal, woodsy or spicy flavors.
Products of the human creativity and pieces of art are also pretty useful tools. Laguna Candles Heirloom Artisan Candles are unique pieces of art and make wonderful gifts. Thus, surround yourself with artworks or your favorite quotes which can inspire, motivate, and make you happy.

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Luxury Candles and Home Fragrance for Enlightened Living

Laguna Candles was founded on the desire to offer a collection of the finest Fragrant Candles.  All of our candles are comprised of soy wax blends, unbleached cotton wicks and  the best natural extracts to create unforgettable scents for your home.  Laguna Candles will captivate your senses and the beauty of our candle vessels will, most certainly, endure the test of time. 

Our brilliantly fused collection is inspired by the beauty and reverence of the beautiful coastal community where we’re located, known as Laguna BeachCoastal Collection 2(1).  We hope that as you shop for your home, office or spa, you’ll find the same inspiration we derived from our travels, art, fashion, architecture and other modern trends.  We’re certain that the you will find unbelievable value, luxury & uncommon function.

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seeing how much we’ve grown

We’ve had a busy year.  I know that one of my promises was words of encouragement during our most challenging times in our lives.  One of my favorite writers,  Maya Angelo passed  recently and her words of encouragement and forgiveness truly touched me.  ” WHEN I DIDN’T KNOW ANY BETTER I DIDN’T DO ANY BETTER, BUT WHEN I NEW BETTER I DID BETTER” . So glad I am doing all I can to do better.  One of the ways I am doing better is taking better care of myself, and helping others. Laguna Candles Heirloom Candle rv1Nothing like a quiet moment, relaxing bubble bath and a beautifully scented clean burning Laguna Candle. # scented candles # wedding candles # jasmine scented candles

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